The Yoga Life & Wellness Coaching Programme that I offer starts with two meetings:

Meeting 1 allows us to make a personal connection and most importantly gives you some time to explain your current situation and intentions for the future.

Meeting 2 allows me, having reflected on Meeting 1, to offer you a response. Anything that has come up for you between meetings can also be discussed.

If we cannot meet physically then any online voice or video service (of your choice) will suffice.

If both of us wish to continue beyond Meeting 2 we will embark upon a Student-Coach relationship with predetermined strategies and objectives.

Meetings will never be set in fixed time slots but allowed to run their natural course. Generally Meeting 1 and Meeting 2 run for 60-90 minutes each while subsequent meetings tend to be shorter at 30-60 minutes. Beyond that the format, frequency and duration of future meetings will be agreed but may well change over time.

I also offer a Lifeline option for students who need unscheduled support through difficult periods of trauma and transition.

It is expected that our Student-Coach relationship will run for no less than 12 months and no more than 24 months.

Every student is treated as a unique and precious friend and as such arrangements will necessarily be unique, personal and private.

Opportunities may also arise for students to share in various activities and challenges, eg. Nature retreats, seasonal fasting and feasting, etc.

I don't charge a fixed professional rate for my work as a Yoga Life & Wellness Coach. Instead, I ask students to pay me for my time whatever their employer(s) pay them for their time.


non-attachment : non-resistance : non-judgement

Thought is the primary substance and feeling is the primary driver in our Universe. Thus every seed is created through thought and germinated through feeling.

The greatest challenge for us as human beings is to establish and maintain control of our thinking and feeling bodies and align them with Intelligence.

We have been heavily programmed to pass judgements on all that we observe.

Whatever the event, we have an habitual desire to place it somewhere on a scale from good to bad. We see things that we like and we pull on them. We see things that we don’t like and we push on them. Learning to live each moment, unfettered by the urge to pass judgements is a great accomplishment and our Golden Key to freedom and wellness.

As we walk the path of life together, let us reflect often on our relationship with the present moment. Let us endeavour to replace our pulling desires with non-attachment, swap our pushing dislikes for non-resistance and cease our limiting opinions through deliberate non-judgement of the world in which we find ourselves.

Without judgement our view becomes clear.

Without judgement we lose nothing to assumption, conclusion, prejudice and belief. Without judgement we start to see the Truth of things for ourselves. Truth needs no defence. Truth persists unaltered and impervious to suppression, distortion or denial.

Our individual paths to wellness are all well lit. Persisting through setbacks, diversions and challenges we find ourselves slowly and organically changing from within. Those inner changes ripple out and affect the world of our day-to-day lives. Sooner or later, we begin to observe and take encouragement from tangible changes such as these:


talks : retreats : activities

Effective Life and Wellness Coaching requires a flexible framework to accommodate both the uniqueness of every student and the deep workings of Intelligence. The inspiration and insights that come to us are impossible to foresee or formulate. Consequently, the various activities that define a Student-Coach relationship are not set in stone and will evolve over time.

Some occasional activities that have proved popular with students past and present include: